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Sick Of Your Kids Drawing On The Walls & It Not Coming Off?

whiteboard paint finishWell now they can…Our qualified and professional team of painters can  transform any wall of your home or office into a white board. Great for the kids bedroom or rumpus room where they can spend hours of fun drawing, colouring in with different coloured white board markers, doing their homework or playing games likes hang man and naughts and crosses with their siblings or friends; and all without getting into trouble.  How cool is that!


We can turn any home into a space that keeps the family organised, entertained and connected. Transform your kitchen wall into an erasable message board with this cool new write-on wall paint that’s great for writing notes and reminders, jotting down your weekly shopping lists and even a to-do list. It’s perfect for the home office, playroom, or any other room in the house where great ideas can be created. It’s fun and practical and wipes off clean with a white board eraser, leaving no marks.


Sick of running out of white board space in the office? Well at Rags n Rollers Painting we can transform your office walls into a boundless erasable canvas using this cool new write-on wall paint that will give you and your staff the space to be creative and fully able to explore fresh new ideas.

Get rid of those white boards on wheels and let us paint one wall or an entire office to create a 360 degree working environment at your finger tips. Its great for all training courses, board meetings and business conferences.

School teachers and tafe instructors will find it much more suitable than messy chalk boards. We think it would be ideal for real estate offices to use when conducting sales and marketing events. Even supermarkets, cafes, pubs and restaurant owners can benefit, as we can transform a wall at the doors entrance for your customers to see allowing you to display your menus and daily specials. Simply wipe it off at the end of the day and it’s ready for tomorrows use.

The same with hairdressing and beauty salons and any other business in fact. Also great for displaying daily inspirational and motivational sayings, appointment times, notes, memos, staff member of the month, competitions and winners names.

We help the way people work and how they work together, as it will bring them closer together to become more creative therefore delivering much better results.

DryEase whiteboard paint 224x300What Is It?

Write-on wall paint is a glossy, hard wearing, modified acrylic-urethane coating that can transform your interior walls into an erasable white board that is suitable to use on both residential and commercial projects. Its two part application is available in a white finish which dries the same as a traditional white board finish or a clear gloss so the wall can be any colour you like, allowing the colour of the pre-painted surface to show through.

We recommend you use good quality white board markers and erasers. Permanent pens and markers will not wipe off, but at the same time will not damage the write-on wall coating.  You can use methylated spirits and other cleaning fluids to rub off permanent marks without the white board wall coating being damaged.

Why Use It?

  • Available in a white finish and a clear coat finish
  • Hard wearing, glossy and durable
  • Will erase clean without leaving any marks and shadows
  • Can be applied to pre-painted surfaces and suitably prepared new surfaces
  • Can be used for work, home, restaurants and schools
  • Turns a painted surface into an erasable white board
  • Will keep the kids entertained and amused
  • It’s fun, practical and useful
  • Very affordable

Call Rags n Rollers Painting today on 07 5529 7431 if you would like to transform your walls into an erasable white board.